should you do a boudoir photoshoot?!

Well, short answer: YES ABSOLUTELY. It was so much fun to have my hair and makeup done professionally and have a professional photographer take the photos. Typically I take all of my own photos & videos myself so this was just an amazing and interesting experience!! If you want to see a BTS version on my pages (CLICK HERE FOR OF) & (CLICK HERE FOR PATREON) that’s a fun and more revealing version as well. I also have a censored version on Youtube – CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT NOW .


I brought a BUNCH of different lingerie looks over (y’all know I have WAY too many lol but then again, can you really EVER have too many!? Definitely not) and Samantha, the photographer, selected 5 outfits from the choices I brought. My makeup was done very light & natural, which I LOVED and love how it turned out.

A picture of how my makeup turned out. Very light, natural and dewey which is EXACTLY what I wanted!

Outfit #1: This gorgeous pink (my favorite color) two piece set from Honey Birdette! I love how this fits on me and love the way these photos came out.

Outfit #2: White lacy two piece lingerie set from Victoria’s Secret. I love how she had so many different available ”set ups” to create a wide-range of different looks and I think this one is perfect for this outfit!

Outfit #3: Yellow bodysuit ! I love the butterfly detail & fit of this one, and she did a great job capturing a wide variety of beautiful images! Definitely might be my favorite out of the five, but then again i do love them all, so be sure to let me know what you think!

Outfit #4: Pink bodysuit & mesh tulle skirt from Shein. I still loved this look and photos, but I feel like this was my least favorite out of the 5 outfits. I DO love this egg chair though!

Outfit #5: This really beautiful purple-y blue (indigo possibly???) colored babydoll lingerie from Avidlove. Absolutely obsessed with this color and style of lingerie. I love it!!

Curious as to which your favorite look out of these 5 different styles is!! Comment and let me know. Such a fun experience and I can’t wait for my new boudoir shoot!

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  1. I love seeing you in sexy lingerie outfits keep up the great outfits

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