ranking all of the bikinis from my zaful haul (HARD!!!!)

So the other day I received a huge package from Zaful with like, a hundred bikinis. Jk, but like to be honest, probably like 18 or so. YAY! I had so much fun opening them up, trying them on & recording a Youtube video haul (CLICK HERE to watch it now!) that I figured it’d also be fun to write up a quick blog post as well. I am going to try and rank the bikinis in order of favorites but it’s definitely going to be extremely difficult seeing as I’m obsessed with every single one…. so I may need some help with that lol. But anyway, I’ll still try and rank them in order of least favorite to most favorite! I will have all of the links to the bikinis at the end of this post if anyone’s interested in checking them out on Zaful’s website !! Also CLICK HERE to see the BTS version of my Youtube haul video 😉 or CLICK HERE if you prefer lol.

LEAST FAVORITE: (and again, I still absolutely love this one lol). This was my least favorite when I saw it in person, but I feel like looking at these photos the fit is pretty great on my body. So maybe I should not rank it least??? Honestly it’s just really hard because they’re all great hahaha. I think maybe I’m not really a huge fan of the texture on the top, but it looks cute here.

MID-LEVEL FAVORITES: I am feeling guilty even ranking these because I still LOVE these ones hahaha. These are basically just any that had a slightly off fit (but still nothing to complain about) because I’m trying to be tough (but fair) with my rankings otherwise we’d never get anywhere lol.

ALMOST TOP FAVORITES: These include ones that fit perfectly that I was nervous about (especially the watermelon strapless top which actually fit pretty damn great, and is so vibrant which is amazing) or just pleasantly surprised at how high quality they ended up being. The mesh suit is so cool because it definitely will look amazing over a variety of different colors/prints of bikinis, so I love that! I didn’t expect to be able to wear it with other suits.

TOP LEVEL FAVORITES: So, these 3 basically ended up making it to the top level tier for different reasons which I will now briefly explain. The strapless bikini with yellow roses surpassed my expectations because the fit of the strapless top was PERFECT which can be difficult for me to find that in that style of bikini. The bottoms also were a great fit. No lie, every single bikini had high quality material — however the koi print one’s quality was next level. The bottoms are absolute fire and I highly recommend them, and the top fit snuggly but comfortably. This suit is amazing. And finally, the V-shaped bottom animal print/yellow flower hybrid is probably my most favorite out of all of them. I cannot even begin to explain how amazing the v-shaped bottoms look! I feel like they really accentuate my waist and just add to the overall bikini vibe.

Okay, now I’m extremely curious….. do you agree with my rankings?! What would you have chosen for the best one?! Let me know! xo – Kerry

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Marine Life Loincloth Bikini Swimwear: https://zaful.app.link/s7lrnwQPnob

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Tie Dye Bikini Swimsuit: https://zaful.app.link/JX4y6KQPnob

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Tank Bikini Set: https://zaful.app.link/VmTaDOQPnob

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Watermelon Bikini Set: https://zaful.app.link/Br1il2QPnob

Sky Cloud Print Knotted Bikini Set: https://zaful.app.link/ihnDcaRPnob

Animal Print Camo Bikini Swimwear: https://zaful.app.link/MT0debRPnob

Animal Floral Print Bikini Swimwear: https://zaful.app.link/ChNt0bRPnob

Cherry Print Square Ring Bikini Swimwear: https://zaful.app.link/h6wtVcRPnob

Three Piece Swimsuit Set: https://zaful.app.link/OAErceRPnob

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