new threadbare thoughts story: “the water slide”

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It’s the summer before college. I just turned 18, and I’ve been wanting to do something a little wild. Well, maybe a few wild things. All throughout high school I was the “good girl”..  getting good grades, not going to parties, kept to myself except for a few friends I’ve known for my whole life… but I figured now that I am going to college, it’s the perfect time to reinvent myself and be someone new, whoever I want. 

For my best friend Brittany’s graduation party, her parents rented a huge blow up water slide for everyone to play on, but they’re able to keep it for the entire weekend. The party was last night, and it’s now Sunday morning. I slept over at Brittany’s house, just like I always do on Saturday nights.

“Okay girls,” Brittany’s mom says, “we’re going to be out looking at new cars all day, so be good and we’ll see you when we get home.”

“So…” Brittany says hesitantly. “What do you wanna do today?”

I look out the window at the still blown up slide, and casually say, “I have an idea.”

We put on our bikinis, me in a shiny metallic silver one, and Brittany throws on a navy blue one. We’re home alone, and the backyard is relatively private, although some neighbors are able to see the backyard from certain parts of their homes. 

“Do you really want to go on the slide again?” Brittany looks annoyed. “I still don’t even know why my mom rented that for me, I’m not five years old anymore.”

“Well,” I reply, “this time it’s going to be a little different.” I winked at her and motioned for her to follow me outside.

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    New Media Works

    Hi Kerry 🙂

    lovely post + nice formatting, too — I used to use frames back in the day, so I can easily see you are quite the professional! 😀

    IMHO, people no longer pay to read. Writing is where it’s at. If you want to know more, please feel free to HMU!

    🙂 Norbert

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