new plaid bodysuit from victorias secret – outfit ideas

Hey guys!! So today I got a new bodysuit from Victoria’s Secret and figured I might as well make a blog post with outfit ideas. I am working on editing a Youtube video to go along with this post, so make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel by clicking here so you don’t miss it. Also, see this bodysuit (& many more) in more detail on my patreon (CLICK HERE). Okay, let’s continue.

So, I was wearing my size XXS adidas compression/spandex/whatever the fuck you wanna call them lol shorts and a white cropped zipper sweatshirt from Halara. Then I took these cute photos for my thumbnail for Youtube lol. Okay, I’m changing now (or I was about to after these photos).

Outfit #1: Bodysuit & White Jeans

So cute, so easy, effortless AF, stylish. Enough said lol.

Outfit #2: Bodysuit & Pencil Skirt

Again, great outfit and super easy. Love it.

Outfit #3: Bodysuit & Shorts

Easily my favorite look because it’s relaxed, chill AND stylish, all in one.

More bodysuit pics:

Which outfit is your favorite?! I love them all and this bodysuit in general is just such a VIBE. Ok, that’s all. Xoxo – Kerry

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