Kerry’s LINGERIE awards !!!

It’s about DAMN TIME I do a lingerie awards blog post! Let’s get right to it.

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Best Lingerie That Could Also Be Worn As A Dress: This red slip!! Technically lingerie, definitely would wear it as a dress though LOLLL.

Best Lingerie With Dope Accessories: THE GLOVES, the stockings, all of it. LOVE.

Best Lingerie With Garters: This Black Set!! I LOVE it.

Best Timeless Piece: This beautiful white set with stockings. NEVER goes out of style, I love this one.

Best Color I Would Normally Never Wear BUT LOVE: This orange babydoll dress. Maybe I should wear orange more!!??

Best Lingerie Without Cups: THIS TEAL one. Also I love this color so much lol.

Best Lingerie & Stocking Duo: Okay you guys, my bad. I can’t pick between these two, I LOVE THEM both so much. I know, that’s cheating, but oh well.

Best Wild Lingerie Look: The Hot Neon Pink bodysuit & tights! Obsessed.

Best Match To My Eyes: Love wearing green because it does bring out my eyes lol.

Best Loved: AKA the lingerie set that gets me the most questions/asks about where it’s from lol.

Best In Crazy/Unique Lingerie: This cute bunny outfit!! I love it.

Best At Being The Most Versatile: This white one! Can be worn with jeans as a top, with a skirt, by itself, with a flannel over it— endless possibilities

Best In See Through: I loveeeee this LBD. Iconic.

Best Runner Up In See Through: This white lingerie dress! LOVE.

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