Kerry’s Bikini Awards

I thought it would be fun to show you my favorite bikinis (we all know I basically live in a bikini) and why I love them, so I decided every few months I’ll do some Bikini Awards with the bikinis I’ve been loving lol. Most of these items were gifts from my Amazon Wishlist, CLICK HERE to check it out.

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Best Crochet Bikini: Orange Crochet

Okay, I’m not gonna lie this was SOOO hard to pick. My blue one, mermaId one, white one and the few other ones I have are also GREAT. But honestly I do love this one the most I’d have to say, it’s fun and bright and unique.

Best Monokini: Pink

Again, I’m not surprised that these choices are difficult, but THIS CATEGORY WAS HARD AF. I love a cute monokini, but pink is my favorite color and obviously I had to choose that one. Lol.

Best Bikini To Actually Wear At The Beach: Tie-dye & White bottoms

Both the top & bottoms of this one typically stay on pretty well, so that’s of course a plus. 🙂

Best Casual Bikini: This Neutral Colored One

Goes with anything, stays on well but also could be worn easily in the ocean. Great purchase IMO.

Best Strapless/Teardrop/Bandeau Bikini: Blue Microbikini

Not gonna lie, I don’t LOVE a strapless bikini especially if I plan on actually wearing it to the beach. It never stays up on me lol. But I LOVE this one & style. So cute.

Best Suit To Wear To A Family Party: This Orange One-Piece

Still sexy AF, obv. But it looks like you at least TRIED to be modest lmao.

Best Thrift Store Bikini Find: This Cute top & Bottom I found separately lol at Goodwill.

Judge me all you want but I look hot AF in this suit.

Best Unique Find: Handmade Tie-Dye Bikini From Australia

Doesn’t everything sound cooler when it’s from Australia? Lol.. I love this bikini. It was literally like $300 for both pieces but worth every penny.

Best Suit That Looks Like A BDSM Outfit Instead: This red one lol

I’m OBSESSED with this one, although it was a little complicated to put on initially. Usually I wouldnt choose red for me, but I am HERE for this one.

Best Floral Bikini: This Green One from Wild Fox

Normally I don’t go for floral prints but ….. I love it. 10/10

Best Underrated: This DOPE AF one that I almost didn’t try on

Glad I did because as soon as I put it on I was like yep I need to buy this lol. I love it so much. Top is shorter than normal bikinis, love that for me lol .

Best Push Up Style Top: This One, Because It’s the Only One I own LOL

Yeah, it didn’t fit. None of them ever do. Looks cute in these pics tho right!?

Best In Metallics: This Silver Micro Bikini

I love me a micro bikini, and I have this one in like all colors LMAO. But Silver is my favorite, it’s iconic.

Alright so these Bikini Awards are final, but I’ll probably do another award session in a few months.


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