IN A MOOD? don’t worry i have a lingerie look for that 😉

In a mood? Don’t worry, I have a lingerie look for that !!! Matching my newest lingerie haul to all the moods — because trust me, my mood changes just like the weather here in Florida lol. Wanna see behind the scenes/more photos & videos of these outfits (& many more) ?! CLICK HERE FOR MY OF and CLICK HERE FOR MY PATREON !! I’ve also already done try on hauls on my Youtube channel for both of these looks, but if you’ve missed them, CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL & check them out !


Mood #1: SEXY BUT BUSY AF – lol this is my mood 24/7. This is a look for when you wanna wear something sexy but you have to do things like run to the grocery store or whatever else lmao. a VIBE. this skirt is technically from a lingerie company but its so cute and totally appropriate for everyday life 😉

Mood #2: CONFIDENT – not sure why but NEON colors always give me bad bitch energy / sassy vibes. Plus, they’re so attention-grabbing you turn heads no matter where you go when you’re wearing neon, especially when it’s a bodysuit like this one. Neon pink = I’m hot and I don’t need anyone’s validation about that besides my own.

Mood #3: PLAYFUL / FUN – I am a huge COSPLAY fan. Like I love cosplay, costumes and just dressing up in general. So for me, cosplay is sooooo fun ! This sexy and adorable cosplay school girl set is perfect for when you’re in an energetic and playful mood. I love the plaid colors in this one too !

Mood #4: MAY GO OUT, MAY STAY IN – this bodysuit is soooo sexy but also perfect for under a skirt or a pair of jeans! It’s the perfect lingerie option for when you’re deciding whether you want to go out, or just stay in 😉 . i’m obsessed, it’s so flattering and the rose detail is gorgeous.

Mood #5: FUCK YOU BUT LOOK HOW HOT I AM (AKA WHEN YOU’RE ANGRY, ANNOYED, ETC) – as you can see I have two of these lingerie sets just in different colors (black & peacock blue, both great options IMO). This set’s vibe is so unique in the sense it gives off this energy like — I tried a little extra today (because t he garters/straps around the bra make it look extra) but I’m wearing this for ME (because it’s still soft/cotton material). Perfect lingerie look for when you wanna grab someone’s attention but also want to stay comfortable. Also adding a sheer or fishnet top can definitely ramp up the effect.

Mood #6: SWEET/ROMANTIC – The perfect gorgeous lace lingerie look for a sweet, romantic and still sexy mood! I have this one in both coral and white — and tbh I want it in every color available lol.

Mood #7: BORED/RESTLESS – the perfect lingerie fishnet dress for when you’re in the mood to mix it up a little and do/wear something different & unique. This peacock blue color is gorgeous and this dress is sooooo sexy and fun. It’s covered on top but super revealing on bottom.. I feel like it’s usually the opposite with lingerie looks, so I love the creativity and uniqueness of this one! Plus the body-hugging fit is flattering AF.

Mood #8: CONTENT/CHILL – this bodysuit is the perfect lingerie look for when you’re not super happy/excited but also nothing’s wrong… you’re just in a chill, understated mood — especially in this eggplant purple color that I love. This bodysuit is PERFECT under a pair of jeans, shorts or skirt, and is sexy but in a chill way. Love it.

Mood #9: MELANCHOLY/SAD – I absolutely love this bodysuit and have it in a wide range of colors, so maybe I’m choosing to pair it with this emotion because of the deep burgundy color? But honestly, it really is the PERFECT lingerie look for when you’re not feeling your best. You put it on, and instantly feel confident, sexy and powerful. The sparkly diamond centerpieces definitely brighten up any mood.

Mood #10: HAPPY/ENERGETIC – this white fishnet two piece lingerie set is the perfect look for when you’re in a happy and energetic mood! Yes, it’s revealing but it’s sexy and fun. It’s also attention grabbing and just emulates happiness. I love it so much!

Let me know if you agree with these lingerie & mood pairings! Plus, what look is your favorite?! Have a wonderful day ! xo

(These lingerie looks are all from Avidlove Lingerie on Amazon! Highly recommend)

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