halloween costumes – my favorite of 2021

Okay y’all – 2021 was the year I BOSSED the fuck up and had the best halloween costumes ever. If you want to see them in fulll detail, CLICK HERE FOR MY PATREON because each costume is featured extensively on there!

There are honestly still MORE amazing costumes I wore this year that aren’t even included in this collage, but they are ALL on my patreon if you’re interested!

I also have at least like 6 or 7 videos on my Youtube channel showing the costumes, and a few of them I’ve done transformation/tutorial videos, CLICK HERE FOR MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL to see all my costume videos!

I was going to write about each costume in detail but I’ve already covered each of them on my patreon & youtube, so I’ll probably leave it at that. I LOVE costumes and cosplay outfits, this year was sooooo fun for me! But don’t worry, just because October is coming to an end doesn’t mean my cosplay/costumes are! We’re only getting started… November & December are about to be FIRE content months !

Happy Halloweekend everyone!

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