first threadbare thoughts short story

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I’m staring in the mirror, my hair messy, wearing M’s oversized shirt that actually fits me perfectly as a dress. My mascara is slightly smudged. Who am I? Barely recognize myself these days. I had been dressing a little more provocative, been a little less reserved. And you might be wondering why. 

Let’s back up a little. I knew that getting involved with M was wrong. I knew he was married, although he had told me they were separated— kind of.  But, as much as I hated to admit it, the fact that our involvement was wrong os mainly what turned me on.

We have been sneaking around for months, and he keeps promising me that he’s going to leave his wife, and I mean for real this time. But it seems like every week there’s another excuse, another reason to wait to tell her it’s over. And each time he doesn’t leave her, I tell myself that I’m done… but then I think about his hands, touching me expertly. His mouth, how he kisses every inch of my body, pleasuring me in ways I’ve never felt before. I’m usually not the submissive type, but with him,  I am… and it feels good to let someone else be in control of my body, so good that I don’t know how to stop letting him inside me, literally and figuratively.

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  1. Sexy

  2. Wish I was M

  3. I’m sorry ! You are very sexy and deserve better!😘

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