Everything I did to get my disabled Instagram account back lollll

So basically my instagram was disabled for 7.5 weeks…. it was literally so stressful and crazy which is why I wanted to make a blog post explaining everything I did, and what I think actually worked in the end.

So first of all, my account @picsfromkerrysphone was disabled with 270,000 followers at like, 6 PM on Friday, August 20th. No content removals, no warnings, just BAM gone. Had to enter my phone number and put a code in that was texted to me, and wait 24 hours to be able to appeal the disablement. After 24 hours, I did appeal it, and I received an email asking me to take a photo with my face, username, name and a code they gave me and send it back. So of course I did that. No response…..

I filled out every appeal form possible. I ended up getting like 5 different requests for the same style of photo with different codes. Sent them all immediately…. no response EVER.

Example of photo I sent in
This is what I was seeing during the first 24 hours after I entered the code that was texted to me.

So a few days go by. NO response, nothing at all from Instagram. I’m watching every video on Youtube that I can, literally combing through Reddit posts on the Instagram subreddit… still no answers and no access. I pay for an ad so I can talk to the Facebook live chat. Literally started a new chat every single day my Instagram was disabled (hoping different agents might have more pull to help me). NO success lol. My website did well from the ad though LOL.

Okay so I posted about the issue on reddit, on instagram, etc EVERYWHERE. Literally just trying to get some type of answer. SO many people were helpful (sharing their stories, links that worked best etc) but also more than that ….. so many people tried to fucking SCAM ME. It’s crazy.

Don’t pay any “hacker” to get your account back…… ITS A SCAM. 100 percent.

So I looked up the “Instagram Headquarters” location on Instagram and I found multiple people who seemed like LEGIT employees and messaged them. About 2 responded lol, but they were both really sweet and said they would try to help but they don’t work in that specific department. UGH.

Long story short– I hired a lawyer. I paid $750 flat fee for this situation. He emailed the better business bureau and also a direct email of an employee working in Instagram’s legal department. I know some of you will probably think $750 is expensive, but I made sooooo much money from that account. Like I’m talking, 20K a month TBH. So I was obviously going to pay that.

My lawyer never received a response and I never did either from Instagram, but 2 days after he sent the email I noticed my account was back up on Instagram and could see all the content I had posted. This was LITERALLY 7.5 WEEKS after it was disabled. I was shocked and didn’t even really believe it.

I was able to log back in, everything I posted was still there, all my messages etc. Soooo long story short, don’t waste time hire a lawyer LMAO. JK, everyones different, but I am so happy I found my lawyer to help me with this situation and glad I have my account back.

XO – love u all mean it 🙂 – Kerry

Edit : my lawyers website is www.braslowlegal.com if anyone wants to contact them 🙂

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