colorado springs, glenwood springs & denver: trip overview

For the first time ever I went to Colorado and it was so beautiful! Here’s a quick overview of what I did, my favorite parts, and recommendations! I definitely should’ve brought one or two more bikinis and didn’t need quite as many pairs of boots lol. (CLICK HERE for my Patreon if you want more Colorado / life content lol).

Part 1: Colorado Springs – loved it here! So beautiful, weather was pretty great considering it was January, and we stayed in the cutest AIRBNB ever. I am posting a whole vlog on my Youtube Channel, so make sure to check that out if you’re interested! (**it’s not uploaded yet however it will be soon** Plus we went to this Greek restaurant called Jake And Telly’s Greek Taverna (HIGHLY recommend, food and service were both amazing). The house we stayed in had unique and wonderful decor (click here to check out the AIRBNB I stayed in) and it was HUGE. Definitely such a cool way to experience Colorado Springs.

Part 2: Glenwood Springs – absolutely breathtaking! Warning – it is about a 4 hour drive from Colorado Springs but worth it IMO. We stayed at two hotels (both beautiful, both next to each other lol, and both right across from Glenwood Springs. The first one was called Glenwood Hot Springs Resort and the second one was Hotel Colorado. They were both very nice, the second one was a little more historic and had a delicious restaurant (get the steak for dinner and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast). The hot springs themselves were wonderful and a very unique experience. DEFINITELY recommend.

Part 3: Denver – honestly, this barely counts as a part because it was only for one night unfortunately, however it was a cool city and I would love to go back again and spend more time exploring it! We stayed in the Hotel Crawford which is located in a train station and baller AF. I accidentally booked two rooms somehow but they refunded me for one completely without any issue or problem which I was super grateful for. The hotel room we stayed in was a loft-style suite with two bathrooms (one with great lighting, a huge free-standing tub and shower). It was very modern and luxurious, I definitely would stay there again. We ordered room service for dinner via the tablet that was on the bedside table and thought it was cool that we could order from all the different restaurants in the building on one order.

It was a fun trip and I can’t wait to travel again soon!

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xoxo – Kerry

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