behind the scenes of my MAXIM inspired boudoir photoshoot

Soooo if you follow me on ANY social media platforms than you likely know I’m trying to win Maxim’s cover girl 2022 contest (if its still going on when you read this — please please vote!!!! it’s free to vote once per day, send me a screen shot of your proof of vote and i’ll send you a surprise picture back. is the link to vote, is where you send the screen shots!!!))

I have an AMAZING photographer who I shoot with monthly ish but I asked her if we could do Maxim inspired photos for this shoot. I’m not joking — I showed up smelling like an airport (my flight from Texas was supposed to be two days before and got canceled multiple times), with no sleep and no clothes (usually I bring some outfits). She already had tons of ideas, the photos came out BEAUTIFUL and perfect.

Honestly, of all the looks, which one would you say is your favorite!?! I literally can’t choose (but I think the white shirt ones really just POP).

There’s some dope BTS content on my slushy, patreon & OF (all linked on my homepage on so make sure to check those out to see more!

Thanks for all the votes & vibes!!! It’s been so fun and honestly astonishing how much love and support and VOTES so far. Thank you.

xo, Kerry !

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