I get a lot of DM’s about my Amazon wishlist (click here to check it out) so I figured I’d make a quick blog post explaining how it works and everything like that!

I asked people on my Instagram stories if they had any questions about my amazon wishlist, but most of the response I got was just people asking for the link to it haha, which is totally fine.

Basically, when I receive a gift from my Amazon wishlist, I send exclusive/first look pictures of me wearing the item to the person who purchased it. I ask that if you do purchase something from the wishlist, you include your name and social media handle or email so that I know where to send the pictures and who to thank.

Here are pictures of a blue micro bikini and a black beach dress, thong and strapless bra I received as gifts from my wishlist.

I am so grateful to everyone who’s sent me a gift from my wishlist, it means so much to me!! Again, here’s the link, Amazon Wishlist ,if anyone wants to check it out and see what’s on there!

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