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Sooo yesterday I asked this on my Instagram story:

So here are some of the questions & my answers!! πŸ™‚

Question #1: Why are all your pictures from the back?

Answer #1: They’re not, but if an outfit I’m wearing is sheer/see through than I don’t post pics that show the front on Instagram. Only on patreon πŸ˜‰

Question #2: Are you a Christian?

Answer #2: No.

Question #3: Can you send me some root beer please? I live in Scotland and we don’t have any.

Answer #3: I mean, of course.

Question #4: Should I start OnlyMans? The male equivalent to OnlyFans? Would women pay for it?

Answer #4: No, lol.

Question #5: Not a question but I love your personality and bravery in this judgmental world you’re amazing.

Answer #5: Thank you!!! Xo, love you mean it πŸ™‚

Question #6: Are you a vegetarian?

Answer #6: I am not, I love steak too much lol.

Question #7: Good ways to show confidence? Without looking cocky or full of shit.

Answer #7: Oo this is a great question!! I think the best way to show confidence is to fully embrace who you are, the good and the bad. If there’s something you don’t like, or don’t know, or aren’t interested in, don’t pretend that you do like it or you know everything about it for the benefit of other people. Honesty is key for confidence. And once you decide to own and accept your own weaknesses, no one can really use them against you. It takes away the “power”.

Question #8: What is your twitter?

Answer #8: My Twitter is @kerrycarmodyy.

Question #9: What are you always unstable? You are always stumbling.

Answer #9: I’m uncoordinated lol.

Question #10: What is the meaning of life?

Answer #10: To do what you love and be around the people you love. πŸ™‚

Question #11: What is the best feed for a goat?

Answer #11: Well honestly it will depend a lot on the individual goat. We had to switch our goats from a regular growth feed to one that was better for our male goat ( has extra calcium mixed in!).

Question #12: Where do you buy your outfits?

Answer #12: Omg all over the place. A ton are from Amazon (check out my wishlist), but a lot of my regular everyday type of clothes are from thrift stores and consignment shops.

Question #13: How old are you?

Answer #13: I am 26 years old!

Question #14: What are your measurements?

Answer #14: Honestly I don’t even know. I wear a size 00 / 23 typically for shorts/jeans,, XS for dresses/skirts, sets/tops, bikinis, etc. Lol.

Question #15: How do you heal a broken heart that feels like it would never love again?

Answer #15: I think this is different for everyone, but for me, what has worked in the past is just improving and growing my own life/self. Every time I have felt that way, I just glow up lol not even talking about just physically but mentally and goal-wise as well.

Question #16: How did you get to be so fucking hot?

Answer #16: Stopped letting insignificant people and things take up space in my mind/life. It’s amazing what that does for your skin, nails, smile, vibe.

Question #17: What is the best month to visit Florida?

Answer #17: October IMO.

Question #18: Where are you from?

Answer #18: Originally Boston but I live in Florida now.

Question #19: How much do you weigh?

Answer #19: Don’t weigh myself πŸ™‚

Question #20: You gonna get more tattoos?!

Answer #20: I wanna say no…. but I probably will lol.

Question #21: Can you & I be friends?

Answer #21: Duh!!

Question #22: How do we convince you to do more Tiktok lives?

Answer #22: Well honestly I do go live on Tiktok almost everyday, EXCEPT when I’m banned from posting/going live for a week !!

Question #23: Would you let me tattoo you?

Answer #23: Lemme see your work!

Question #24: How do I get my wife to be more adventurous in the bedroom?

Answer #24: Tell her what you’re interested in and ask her to try it!!

Okay guys thanks for reading !! Comment any other questions you have below πŸ™‚

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  1. Bet you had sooo many dirty requests/questions from
    Weidos lol

  2. Hy there how are you , do you have the coruge to meet someone from another country ? Kisses😘

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