I figured I’d share with you guys for my first ever blog post here on kerryrenee.com a photo of all the bikinis I tried on while on vacation in Fort Lauderdale and what I loved about them, whether there was anything I didn’t like about them, and where I got them. Here you go!!

Before I start ranking them, I just gotta say it’s actually extremely hard for me to rank these because they were all amazing and dope bikinis hahahah. But I will honestly do my best for the purpose of this post. Also shout out to my best friend Maggie for letting borrow like all of her most expensive and amazing bikinis for my photoshoot purposes lol.

Before I rank them, I’m just gonna do a quick gallery to show you all nine bikinis involved lol:

Ok, so let’s get started with the ranking!!

#1: White One Piece Suit

Okay so honestly I really loved the vibe of this bathing suit and the fit was really dope, it’s only #9 on my list because it was a one piece TBH. Still very cute tho lol.

#8: Wine Red Thong Bikini

Alright so to be real, I love burgundy red and thong bikinis, but the reason this this one is #8 on my list and not higher is just because it was a little basic. Still hot AF tho, just kind of a bikini you’d see in many different bikini shops IMO. Absolutely love it tho.

#7: Floral Skirt Bikini

This bikini was different than any I’d ever worn or tried on before TBH! I actually really dig it. I just don’t know if I’d wear the skirt style as often as I would a more traditional bikini bottom, but I totally love how unique it is.

#6: Satin Green Bikini

I LOVE the way this bikini fit, and a deep green color is always a personal favorite. No complains about it, it’s beautiful and I love it. It’s getting harder and harder to narrow down the list LOL. But yeah, this is a great bikini.

#5: Purple Sparkly Bikini

So I got this bikini on one of my last days in Fort Lauderdale an absolutely LOVE it. I love purple and I love sparkly, so it’s clearly a winner in my book. It was about $150 for the set, which is obviously pricey, but worth it. Love the cinched bottoms too.

#4: Aqua Bikini

OK, so when I first went to try this one on, I thought I wasn’t going to like it. I really don’t know why, I love the aqua color, but just something about the print and how it looked before I put it on. But MAN was I wrong, it’s one of my favorites and I love it so much. It fit great and I just love the tropical vibes.

#3: Nude Bikini

This is another bikini I bought in Fort Lauderdale and cost around $90 for the whole set. It’s amazing quality and fit perfectly. I just love the nude color and feel like I will wear this bikini 24/7 because it’s sexy, casual and goes with everything. Absolutely LOVE it.

#2: Green Floral Bikini

Okay, so I’m typically not a fan of floral, but this bikini was a VIBE. I love the floral on it, and the army green color also was perfect. This was one of Maggie’s and I really wanted to steal it (lol, just kidding) but I love it so much!!

#1: Hand-Dyed Bikini From Australia

Ok so before you judge me and think I picked the wrong bikini to be #1 on the list, HEAR ME OUT!!! The photos definitely did NOT do it justice and I will be reshooting this one soon 🙂 But it’s a one-size, hand-dyed BEAUTIFUL ocean vibe bikini from Australia and I fucking LOVE it. I bought this one in Fort Lauderdale as well and it was definitely pricey ($250!!!!) but in my opinion worth the splurge because it’s so unique, cool and just ultimately fit me like a glove.

Alright everyone, thanks for reading!! Let me know which bikini was your personal favorite, and remember my full bikini try on video with these bikinis will be uploaded to my patreon soon, so make sure to click here and subscribe to my patreon if you want to see it!!! Even better than the pictures 🙂

Have a wonderful day/night/weekend/whenever you’re reading this! XO – Kerry


  1. Love how you pop your ribs out hard. Keep getting skinnier for us baby

  2. Would love to see that tiny little yellow bikini that you have!

  3. I’m feeling you in that hot little purple number 👙 😃

  4. You look so good in those bathing suits, I’d love to see you in your birthday suit!

  5. Omg ur perfect

  6. Very nice bikinis

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